Milton Photographic Club

We welcome all cameras

We know that many people are put off coming to a camera club because they believe they need an expensive camera to take good pictures.

This is simply wrong.

We see many very attractive images that have been captured with basic equipment. Often, it is quite impossible to tell if a photograph has been taken with a top of the range DSLR or a simple point-and-shoot travel camera. We are interested in the image not the camera.

So you are equally welcome if your camera cost £50 as if it cost £10000.

We welcome all photographers

Our membership ranges in expertise from beginners to those who have had photographs accepted in national exhibitions.

Our interests are equally wide ranging including: panoramic landscapes, flowers, street photography, black and white, wildlife, photomicrography, and travel.

With such a diverse mix, everyone will find something different to enjoy, and help is always readily given to those who need help to master new techniques.

We welcome all pictures

..And judge none.

We are one of the few clubs who have no competitions at all. This means that you can bring along the most tentative, experimental, first try at a new technique or subject, and be sure it will be helpfully and constructively discussed.

For more polished photographs, we enjoy hearing the story behind the picture and the equipment and techniques used. Furthermore, any feedback, always positive, is from the whole group rather than a single individual.


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